Best Exercise for Your Biceps

A man’s bicep is probably one of the best body parts to flaunt. Guys with huge biceps are indeed hit with the girls. But if you are not the guy mentioned above, then it is time for you to look for the best bicep exercise that will make your arms rock.

Besides getting the attention of the ladies, a pair of huge biceps clearly screams stamina and power. Daily activities such as lifting things and heavy packages will become a lot manageable if you’ve got powerful biceps.

In your quest for finding the best bicep routine that suits your personality and physical condition, you need to try out different exercises in order to see what really fits and what does not. To save you some time, a list of the best bicep exercises are detailed in the succeeding to help you grow your biceps fast.

Curls and pulling movements are essential motions needed in most of the best bicep exercise discussed here. That particular movement is crucial in creating new muscles and making them bigger.

Before you tackle on each of the bicep exercise, keep in mind that as a newbie, select 2 exercises only and finish at least two sets of 12 to 16 reps which is kinda the same when you try to grow chest muscles. For intermediate to advanced folks, at most 3 sets of at most 12 reps is sufficient.

Biceps Curls. The bicep curl is the most basic but is the best bicep exercise that you can do. To do a curl, hold a dumbbell in such a way that your palms are facing you. Your elbows should be placed next to the body and should be maintained that way all throughout without drifting away when you do the curl. The elbows must remain still while you pull the weight towards you. Lower the weights and repeat the process until you have finished one set.

Another type of bicep curl is the barbell curl. This is a lot better than the dumbbells because it is a lot heavier and you work both arms at once.

Concentraion curl routines. This type of curl is targeted on a specific bicep area to make the muscles grow bigger and firmer.

Hammer Curls. This is a lot similar to the bicep curl. The slight difference is that the hammer curls involves the palms facing each other rather than facing upwards. Just a slight change in the palms’ direction makes this particular regimen more intense and powerful. To get the most out of the three biceps exercises, you can complete one with each other and enjoy seeing your arms grow bigger.

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