Fat Camp: Not What You Think

Years ago, the term “fat camp” brought to mind horror stories. Fat camps were thought to be miserable places, with mean staff that push people harder than they are comfortable being pushed. Have you ever thought about how a child thinks about teen fat camp as a result of those stories? What would you think abouta place where you’re forced to step way outside of your comfort zone – a place that requires you to change your diet and exercise routine at the drop of a hat?

Some kids might even think of this as some sort of punishment. However, look at what the staff is really doing/teaching kids:

  • They are trying to teach children about healthy food choices
  • They are teaching them that exercise can be fun
  • They are limiting the sugar and carb-filled snacks that add to the fat problem
  • You can have just as much fun, or more, when you’re actively entertaining yourself (e.g. playing games, swimming, etc.)

If you are considering sending your child to a teen weight loss camp, take some time to explain to them that it is not punishment but is a learning opportunity that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. The faculty employed at fitness camps are experts in child weight loss. Children should feel good about the idea of eating good food and playing games with children that they will identify with easily. So, don’t let them focus on the negatives that they see in the weight loss camp. Instead, draw their attention to the positives.

A Fat Camp is a fantastic resource that can be beneficial to any child. It is unlikely that your child will ever be surrounded by so many professionals with so much experience in dealing with childhood obesity again in their lives, so tell them to take advantage of that! Yes, their diet will change and they’ll be more active, but these are good things! Our weight loss camps do a great job of finding activities for kids to participate in that are fun, plain and simple…to the point that many kids forget that they’re “exercising” while they do them.

It is important as a parent to understand what will be happening at the camp and to get involved with your child’s health. Unfortunately, some children that go to fat camp and lose weight end up gaining all that weight back within weeks of returning home. Why is this? As a parent sometimes we look at camp as a solution. For some reason, we think that kids coming home have somehow been “cured” of a disease and can go back to their old, bad habits. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Camp is the beginning of a lifelong process. Once our children get back home, we as parents have to help them stay on the same diet and exercise program that they learned at camp.

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