Figuring Out the Best Menopause Treatment

Finding the best treatment for your menopause symptoms can be frustrating. You probably have a bunch of friends that have all found good treatments. They could even be pressuring you to try their chosen treatment methods. Try not to forget that they most likely mean well. They just want to help you find a way to feel better than you do now. Unfortunately not all of the menopause treatments out there work for all women. This is because each woman experiences menopause differently. What works for your friend might not work for you (and vice versa). Talk to your doctor if you need help with your symptoms. Here are some of the things he (or she) might recommend.

Wear loose fitting, lightweight clothing that can be peeled off in layers to ward off those pesky rushes of heat. The layers will help you cope with the sudden onset of a hot flash when you are out of the house. Exercise is proven to increase necessary endorphin production allowing you to remain in controll of your emotions during hot flashes. Learning how to identify your hot-flash influences will help you manage them. Recognizing the different things that cause your hot flashes will help you avoid them. Women should avoid alcohol, spicy food, warm beverages, and increases in temperature.

Many doctors today recommend hormone therapy to help women cope with the symptoms of menopause. Whatever treatment your physcian prescribes for you will depend highly on the severity of your symptoms. The most effective therapy is estrogen therapy. Another method your physcian may recommend is the estrogen patch which can be done at home on a weekly basis vs. a daily pill. The frequency and severity of your symptoms will of course play a role in how your treatment is prescribed. Do not share medications that have not been prescribed for your situation. Ask your doctor which treatment is right for you before you begin any of them.

See your doctor often. Once a year is not usually enough for women who are going through menopause. At least four visits a year are necessary. This helps keep your doctor current with the different treatments you are trying, the symptoms you are experiencing and whether or not things are going well. If you are taking pharmaceuticals to treat your menopause symptoms, this will help your doctor keep track of that as well. It is also easier to catch and treat conditions in their early stages if you get regular screeners like lipid level tests and pap smears. This will be amazingly helpful later on if you start to develop symptoms of other issues like aging conditions or other diseases. If you think you might need treatment for menopause you should talk to your medical provider to ensure proper health. Making some smart life altering changes and exercising regularly can help you avoid medical intervention. Few will discover that the natural and lifestyle changes don’t provide enough relief and will seek drug therapy. Every woman is unique in her reactions to menopause and it’s symptoms. This is why it is important to talk over your options with a health care professional. Utilize your support system. Help is available to you; you just have to ask for it!

It was reported by a woman in Romania that her menopause symptoms has ended after having green smoothies for about two months. It is easy to create your own smoothie at home. By using a good mixer like from Vitamix, you can make a delicious and healthy green smoothie using vegetables which are available cheaply at the closest shop.

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