Promoting Success in Youth with a Weight Loss Summer Camp

One of the most important ingredients to success is the self-confidence required to pursue dreams. When your teenager is overweight or obese, there’s a good chance that their self-esteem and self-confidence levels are down.

Will poor self-esteem lead your child to avoid risks and opportunities out of fear? If they would love to act, will they try out for the school play or shy away because of their weight? Your teen may not participate in classroom discussions or become a leader if they lack confidence or don’t feel that they will be accepted.

Parents that attempt to help their kids lose weight at home often make common mistakes such as over-pressuring your teen. Making eating a constant issue is also a constant reminder of their perceived inadequacies. This can spiral out of control and actually cause your child to gain more weight when they eat for comfort and consolation.

Trained professionals at a weight loss camp for teens use well-documented techniques to help empower your teen to make healthy choices. With their help, your child will develop the skills necessary to take control of their weight loss issues.

You kids will also bring some of these skills home with them. Eventually, this may lead to a much healthier home environment all together. Once your teen begins to make healthier choices on their own, the whole family may get involved. Your teen will be the one who leads this effort, which will also make them feel good!

In addition, your teen will meet other teens at weight loss camps that may be able to better relate to their weight issues. We all want to feel accepted and you might not be able to truly offer this to your teen the way other overweight or obese teens can.

As they begin to lose weight, the improvements they begin to see will improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. This will spin off in so many directions, you’ll be amazed at what your teen becomes capable of accomplishing.

When your teen is empowered to lose weight at a weight loss summer camp, the empowerment translates to nearly everything they attempt.

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