Radiation in Treating Cancer

There are two methods for treating cancer: one is localized treatment and also the other one is systemic treatment. Knowing the stages of the cancer helps the doctor decide what treatment to use. If it is localized or in Stages I as well as II, the doctor can use radiation process. Radiation can be used also in Stages 3 as well depending on the severity of cancer.

The goal of radiation use in treating cancer cells is to kill or to destroy the cancer cells that accumulated in one area. The treatment is to ensure the cancer cells will no longer spread within other areas of the body as well as affect other organs ultimately.In radiation streams or surf of highly energetic particles are used to target the cancer cells.

The same radiation is utilized as the one used in x-rays, the only difference is based on the amount used. Aside from wrecking all the cancer cells, the radiation therapy manages the pain suffered by the patient in relation to cancer. Radiation therapy is also known as radiotherapy. Radiation ionizes the substances and the atoms.

Radiation is generated by two ways. One is it’s produced by a special machine called linear accelerator which is similar to x-ray device but differ in the quantity of radiation. These special machines will often have higher doses and are often used in radiotherapy. Second radiation generated from radioactive sources. It is often made into seed products or pellet which is placed near the cancer site to do it’s job of destroying cancer cells.

The process of ionization impacts greatly the DNA substances of the cancer cells. The ability of the cell to divide as well as grow will be affected. Although the DNA that was damage could be repaired, the damaged may be too much the cancer cells might no longer recover completely thus it will dies. Cancer cells will begin to die 2-3 weeks after the treatment takes effect.

The problem with radiation is that not only the cancer cells tend to be destroyed but also the healthy cells nearby. But then the healthy cells have the ability to recover faster than the cancer cells, therefore, cancer cells are still ruined in the process. Aside from radiation, cancer treatment includes surgery, hormone treatment, and chemotherapy to treat effectively the cancer.

Depending on the severity of cancer, radiation and chemotherapy and other management of does not guarantee a lifetime recovery. There are still recurrences in some cases depending on what stage the cancer is and there are treatment methods which are being discovered until these days. Just click this site if you want to learn more about cancer radiation therapy.

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