Shiatsu Massage: A Helpful Therapy for Muscular Afflictions

An ancient Chinese treatment, Shiatsu, if used properly can be very effective in curing health problems. Shiatsu is based on the concept of Qi, which is the energy believed to be present in everything in nature including the human body. One can manipulate this energy in the body to get the results needed. It is believed that an imbalance in Qi is the main reason for most health problems, and Shiatsu aims to heal by restoring this balance.

The meaning of the word Shiatsu is exerting pressure by using a finger, but the therapy involves other body parts as well. It uses body parts such as knees and hands to exert force on afflicted areas of the body, in order to relieve them from stress and muscle problems such as sprains. One session alone of Shiatsu therapy is enough to make you feel revitalised for a long period. It improves the blood circulation and helps maintain a well-toned and fit body.

It took ancient Chinese several hundred years to find out the precise pressure points in our body to evolve this therapy into what it is today – look at shiatsu massage for lots more advice relating to this area. By channelling the Qi properly throughout the body, the techniques of Shiatsu are able to achieve results that cannot be matched by modern therapies.

The ideal way of performing a Shiatsu massage is on the floor, and not on beds or tables. This ensures that the practitioner has proper control and flow during the massage, which is critical as the technique depends heavily on finding the precise pressure points. Another benefit of carrying out the treatment on the floor is that the Shiatsu therapist can put sufficient pressure at the right points.

Shiatsu, because of its relaxing and healing ability is attracting a lot of people from all over the world, who have been disappointed with other treatments. One experience of this treatment will make you ask for more, and long-term results would subsequently follow.

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