Suffering Acid Reflux And Alkaline Diet Can Reduce Heartburn Symptoms

Many people suffering from acid indigestion may have an elevated level of acid in their body due in large part to their diet. One method of improving the pH level is by altering the way they eat and when looking to treat acid reflux and alkaline diet foods can help. Practically everyone has a pH factor of 7.4 in their saliva, in their spinal fluid and their blood.

An increase in the acid level in the saliva is an indication that more alkaline foods in the diet are needed and the test to determine the pH level in the saliva is simple. Simply wait at least two hours after eating and allow the mouth to fill saliva, swallowing two times. Allow the mouth to fill with saliva a third time and then spit it onto pH paper. Compare the color of the paper with the chart on the paper to determine the acidity of the saliva. Many seek a means of fighting acid reflux and alkaline diet may be one way to help.

There are many foods that fight acid reflux and alkaline diet products can help stave off recurring problems if used in moderation. Some foods that may seem as though they would promote acid indigestion, actually have a high alkaline level to help quiet acid reflux attacks. Foods like corn and olives are high in acid and should be avoided if suffering acid reflux and alkaline diet foods should be substituted. Foods such as celery, green beans and peas have a higher level of alkalinity and can help neutralize the acid.

Lifestyle Change Needed To Reduce Acid Reflux

As a general rule dairy, red meat and fats and oils all have a high acid level and should be avoided to reduce acid reflux and alkaline diet foods consumed in their place. Mustard, chili pepper and all herbs, contrary to popular belief, are high alkaline foods that can be used in an acid reflux and alkaline diet.

Tobacco, beer and coffee all have an acidic affect on the body and should be avoided for an acid reflux and alkaline diet as their pH factors are 2.5 and four, respectfully. And while many believe that milk will help in instances of indigestion, it is high in acid and can add to the problem. While it may seem contrary, fruits containing citric acid has an alkalinity effect on the stomach.

To understand, the pH scale goes from 0, which is straight acid, to 14 no acid present and 7.0 is considered neutral. If acidity is a problem foods with high alkaline content, such as calcium and sodium should be considered as part of an acid reflux and alkaline diet.

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