What isn’t True About Hypnotherapy Treatment

There are a lot of people who have happily undergone hypnotherapy treatment. This makes it highly unfortunate that some people continue to believe in some false notions surrounding the procedure. Here are only some of the myths that need to be changed so more people can benefit from this form of therapy.

1) Someone else can control you while under therapy.

As the term suggests, hypnotherapy means having to go through hypnosis. Most popular stories and shows suggest that this process involves losing control over mental and physical processes. This is not what you should expect during a therapy session. In therapy, a person enters an altered mental state that pushes the subconscious to the surface. This does not mean though that a person is at the mercy of the therapist. A person in therapy can actually stand up and leave if he wants to.

2) Only people with weak minds can be hypnotized.

A hypnotherapy session can be more easily performed when a person is more naturally susceptible to what other people say or suggest. Some understand this to mean that a hypnosis candidate should be mentally weak. This is not an accurate idea at all. In reality, there is a need for real mental strength to be able to concentrate on the prompts of a therapist. What you really need to successfully find solutions to your problems using hypnotherapy is the willingness to go through it.

3) Therapists are mentally gifted individuals.

In comic books, cartoons and magical stories, those skilled in hypnosis are typically super powered beings. In the real world, regular people who are experts in their fields and who have had special training in hypnotherapy can perform the procedure. Aside from psychologists and counselors, these experts can also include medical practitioners. What is crucial in hypnotherapy treatment are special scripts or strategies. Hence, in the course of a session, therapists can incorporate symbols, stories and visual prompts.

4) Only people with psychological problems can benefit from hypnotism.

Some people still believe that a lot of therapeutic approaches are only useful to people who are psychologically bothered. It is important to take note though that there are experts who even recommend against hypnotherapy if a subject suffers from psychosis. Hypnotherapy is really most effective in changing habits, attitudes and beliefs that are counterproductive or harmful. The treatment option can then be used for people with smoking problems, eating disorders and anxiety issues. Specialists can also use hypnotherapy treatment for people who suffer from insomnia, asthma and other illnesses.

5) Anyone can be helped by hypnosis therapy.

It is commonly agreed upon that hypnotherapy is safe and natural. It may not be very helpful or useful though if the person undergoing it is not genuinely willing. They may verbally consent to it but still keep prejudices against the procedure. For it to be truly effective, one has to be truly willing and open minded.

By dispelling these myths, the truth has come to light. There is nothing frightening about undergoing a hypnotherapy session performed by a psychologist practitioner. If you keep an open mind and a positive perspective, this approach might really give you the best solutions to your life issues and concerns.

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